Lately I've been struggling with "What am I doing?" I love drawing and painting and I really couldn't imagine my life without it, but bills don't pay themselves and freelance work is painful. I've realized I'm spending more time "looking for work" than actually "doing work", which is no way live. I guess every artist out there deals with the same issues, but man is it GETTING ME DOWN!!

Anyway, I'm on holidays right now and working on a couple things I can hopefully show soon. In the mean time, here's a Jay-Z I finished earlier today. I'm trying a few new things style-wise in terms of keeping it more painterly while still maintaining a sense of realism. I'm also trying to push the shapes more while keeping the likeness believable. Let me know what you think.


Denny said...

If you paint like this and have this issues, man! I give up! I don't work with illustration and i'd love to live doing that, but i can't stop to draw. I got 4 years without paint or sketch a line, and now i started again, working in a regular job. But you have much more talent than I have, so... keep drawing and painting, in the right time things will hapen! (Sorry, my english it's a little rusty)

Toby K said...

I think it's excellent!

Barbara said...

Your works are truly wonderful! Keep at it Adrian.

You've asked for critiques, so here's my two cents: I find your Jay-Z much more successful than your Mr. Willis - I think you've managed an excellent likeness of Jay-Z, having pushed elements in a very pleasing way that doesn't detract from the likeness, however, with Mr. W, the overly exaggerated upper jaw goes a little too far and take away from the likeness.