Weekly Standard...Luther Campbell

This is a full page piece I did for the Weekly Standard a few weeks ago and just haven't gotten around to posting it. I had about a day and a half to complete it so "rushed" would be an understatement. 6 characters in a day.... I laugh in the face of adversity...and then cry a little! There are a ton of things I would have loved to push farther but alas, time was mine enemy!

Anyway, the art director liked it and that's what counts. As well as the fun I had doing it. I loved the stripper in her glass high hells....very funny!


Ed van der Linden said...

Haha love the stripper too, and the way you censored (t)it. Great job!

Toby K said...

Excellent work!

Geoff Wheeler said...

Hey Adrian...congrats on getting it done...that's a killer deadline! Looks fantastic.