I just added these two to my portfolio so I thought I would give everyone a gander at 'em.
I'm really trying to find my voice as it were. I can do so many different styles but to find one that I can call my own I think is a lifetime process. I'm also trying to ramp up my painting skills and really try to create interesting lighting and textures. Thanks to so many inspirational artists and friends out there who keep me pushing myself to always improve. Love ya guys!

As for the job hunt..... Don't ask! I'm sure one day a fine job will come along. I'm just hoping it happens before I start collecting my old age pension.


GhettoFab said...

Both of these are fantastic! Im really likin the way you handled the gunslinger. Can tell you had fun and learned a bunch on these two pieces

When you finally get that job that your lookin for it will be sweeter cause of what you do now to get there. its on the way to it that makes the destination travel with flair!

Keep on Keepin on Adrian awesome to see you comin along

Ken said...

looking good mate! I dont know maybe style is something that evolves and happens without realising it, or maybe its a concious pursuit...

good luck with the job hunting, something will come up. Probably when ya least expect it too!

Ken :D

Abz said...

These are really well done! Keep pushing yourself--you'll surprise yourself! ;)