Footy Anyone?

This is a little painting I did for a friend last night. I'm actually quite pleased with the result since I tried a few new things on it. I'm more pleased I think that I found the time to actually sit and complete something without a thousand interuptions. Anyways, feedback !?


marcobucci said...

very cool, and great to see a piece done to this level of finish! It's got a lot of movement and even feels photographic. You asked for some feedback, so here's something I think may benefit this piece, and others like it. (Hope I'm not out of line here!)
When drawing the shadow shapes to delineate the form, it's always beneficial to simplify, and design them in an appealing way. I'm sure you're familiar with this, and you did a good job of it with the head.
But look at the shadow shape on his left arm for example. Let's say you were to put a piece of tracing paper over it, and just trace the shadow shape with a pencil. You'd come out with a very convoluted shape, lacking in an overall 'design sense'. It's important that these shapes be simplified so that they are appealing, even out of context with the rest of the figure. Right now there's a lot of little things going on there that it is forcing the viewer's brain to get stuck, hurting the quick read of your painting. I think this same thing is happening to the legs too.
I really enjoy looking at paintings by old masters like Sargent, or current masters like Morgan Weistling, to analyze how they simplified our complicated reality into simplified shapes.
Of course, feel free to reject anything I've just said.

K said...

Holly crap! I am blown away by that last comment. He sure made me look at your painting in a whole new light. For someone un-educated in the arts I have to say I love the detail and expression in this one. The background is amazing and I am sure it is hard to make it look so much like a real photograph.

Loving all your work and you get better every time I peek in on you.

Missing you always


Nicee pic.. now whats your email?

Ken said...

sweet work dude, its very dynamic, well done! I love how it feels like he is in mid jump/kick

Marcos comment was very interesting... I learnt a lot from it haha. I dont know what I would say... maybe the right hand looks like it could be tightened up a bit?

lookin forward to more!

Jeremy Goodall said...

that really is amazing!
my first thaught was of leverman when i saw this! haha