Just a little painter practice. I've been so out of it lately it's amazing how any progress you have made can vanish with little or no practice. It's almost like I have to re-teach myself how to draw and paint whenever I have more than a few days away from it. Unfortunately, life intervenes and I can't always find the time to practice. Hope you like 'em.


Ryan said...

Great take on Batman. Looks like someone's great-uncle dressed up for Halloween.

Joern said...

...and finally i know why wolverine is soo kewl.

Ken said...

hey dude! cool post, I reckon painter takes a while to get to grips with so looks to me like your doin swell!

And I know what you mean about leavin it a few days... I get rusty over night! haha

RoB said...

Awesome shapes and great attitudes on all of them! Well done sir!~ Kick ass post!~