The new year is here and so far...same as last year! Just a quick thanks to everyone who continues to stop in and visit. The suggestions and compliments are always appreciated. I was skeptical at first about the effectiveness of blogging and the possible downsides but so far it has been great. Thanks to everyone else I visit as well...your works continue to awe and inspire in a way that has pushed me to continue pursuing what I love ; Drawing and Painting. Happy New Year and All the best. Here's a little post that made me laugh when I was doodling it over the holidays so hopefully it gives you a little giggle as well.


DdK said...

Thanks for the visit!
You have some pretty twisted stuff here... I like it!
I'll be back.

marcobucci said...

hahaha love the poses. The second guy looks like he's got a giant pull-up diaper on, which is great. Really funny!

skanes said...

haha...good to see your sense of humour hasn't changed. also, notsurprisingly, the names are based on food. nice stuff.

how's the house comin?

chris chua said...

haha...your stuff never fails to make me laugh! I love Rabbit-Stu:) Keep em coming.

J said...

Hey Adrian,
How's it going man??
Send me an email when you have time.
All's good here.


Grant Alexander said...

Looks like you're still plugging away in the New Year. Looking forward to another year of improvement.

David Colman said...

hilarious characters!!!