You can't call yourself a caricature artisit if you've never drawn the Donald!


Recent cover for the Las Vegas Weekly. 3 SUPER COOL characters all at once!! Love working for them.


For those who still attend my presentations, here's a little ditty I did for the WSJ last week. I'm hilarious!

A Beetle

Just really wanted to do some rendering of an old drawing. I have quite a few sketches I want to get to, but alas, life always seems to get in the way.

Wall Street Journal

Another cover for WSJ yesterday. Love working for those guys. And damn, that guy on the right is HANDSOME!!! I mean seriously! HAHAHA!!! I didn't manage to sneak my dog into this one though, but we all miss her in there!


Just plowing on. Painfully slow last month, but hopefully something will come up soon or this whole art thing may have to be put to rest!! A HORRIBLE thought, but starvation isn't real cool either.

Wall Street Journal

Once again I managed to slip my bulldog into another illustration. YAY!!! This one was tough because I had to do 3 caricatures of the same person while still keeping it on model as well as changing lighting, hair etc. Love the challenge and the opportunity to push myself.


Piece I did awhile back for promotion. Turned out alright I think?!

Wall Street Journal

I'm really pleased with this one this week. MT over at WSJ let me do my thang on this one with no changes and it turned out just like I had hoped, which I gotta tell you, doesn't happen often. Any artist will tell you that . I can't count how many times I've said to myself, "Wow. I saw that going different in my head." Not this one!

WSJ Again

Sorry for the complete lack of posts. Been busy looking for work and just getting by. This one was done a few weeks ago for MT at Wall Street Journal. Obviously the white area was for text and as usual... can you spot Waldo? I mean Adrian?! lol

I love doing illustrations, but you really never know what you're going to get. One week it's portrait type work and the next it's oil fields. Always a learning experience and challenge but hopefully I can continue to grow as an illustrator and find a style that works for myself as well as clients.

George W Bush, Groucho and Yogi Berra

 Here's a few "portraits" I did a while back for a textbook. All very fun, but Yogi was great!

Ludacris Helluva Night album art

Recently finished the cover for Ludacris' single "Helluva Night" and what a great opportunity it was. It  afforded me the chance to not only caricature, but to try a few things I wouldn't normally paint like the "Fast and Furious" car and a mansion. Those of you in the know will also recognize that handsome fella on the skateboard in the background as well as my bulldog "Sydney" in the foreground. She likes being famous. lol

Pope Francis

I REALLY like this one. I tried to push the shapes and really go for appeal while staying true to the likeness. The paint job turned out pretty cool too.

Wall Street Journal

Here's this weeks Wall Street Journal cover by yours truly. Turned out pretty cool I think. I had to seriously tone down the caricatures, especially on the butler, but all in all I like it. I tried to use a very limited pallet on this one as well in order to get that "rich mahogany" type of room with all its reflections. Turned out pretty much like I had planned colorwise.

Willie Nelson

I really like how this one turned out! makes me smile which nowadays is a feat unto itself!!!

Chumming For Chubbies

What if the roles were reversed?  I know I'd probably swim unwittingly out into the abyss for a juicy, fresh burger, only to find out I'm actually the one on the menu!! Luckily Great Whites haven't figured that out yet! Happy Days.

P.S.  I don't look like that!! lol

Wall Street Journal "THE HAMPTONS"

I did this one for the WSJ awhile ago but just haven't got around to posting it. The space above is obviously for TITLE and they actually placed print on each of the balls as well. All in all I really liked it and the idea was great too. I  love working for them. They're so professional and MT is really easy to deal with. It truly makes a world of difference in this industry when you get to work  with competent, professional people who respect not only what you do, but your time as well. Always treat!!